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About We Found Him, the Glass Bottom Boat at Boracay Island

History of We Found Him, the Glass Bottom Boat at Boracay Island

Pictureals from the building process of We Found Him, the Boracay Glass Bottom Boat

Excitement at Boracay Beach, discover the colorful sealife, fish and color by sitting dry inside of the Glass Bottom Boat

Educational trips at Boracay Beach, learn about fishes and corals while having fun with family and friends

Have fun, whole famliy, stay together, learn together and discover the undersea world of Boracay

Do Island Hopping at Boracay Island, discover small hidden beaches, secret destinations and become and explorer

Watch the amazing and incredible sunset at Boracay Island at the sea with the Glass bottom Boat

Have fun at Boracay beach - discover the unique underwater life!

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We Found Him - Nemo is found at Boracay Activities

Island Hopping at Boracay Island Philippines, discover hidden and secret beaches

Discover how beautiful Boracay Island is during our trips.  See hidden beaches and places.

Excitement and learning while you have fun at the beach

They are nice and peaceful, but also scaring.  Watch them safely true the glass in the bottom of our boat

Family fun in the Glass bottom Boat at Boracay Island

Bring your family and friends and explore the unique aqualife at Boracay Island.

Educational trips where you and your children learn about the marine life, fishes and corals in their natural enviroment

Learn about fishes and corals in their own world, the welcoming you in their friendly way.


Boracay the worlds most beautiful beach!

Watch the movie of what you see under water here:


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About Boracay Island the most beautiful tourist destination in the Philippines

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